Nike Air: little less gravity advert


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Hi, don't suppose anyone knows what the music that is used in the above advert? Had a google but nothing came up.

Thanks, Nick.


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what happens in the advert in terms of visuals, it might help

Kazuya Mishima

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i just saw a nike advert with "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.

rewound it on Sky+, was entitled "A Little Less Hurt".

Don't know if that's what you're looking for, but it was one HELL of a cool advert. Perfect juxtaposition of images and music (he said, like some self-styled art expert)


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yup thats the Little Less Hurt advert as you mentioned, but there's a second Little Less Gravity advert...

I'm probably very wrong, but it sounds a bit like Boards Of Canada


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Thank you very much guys. I like both adverts, I don't think the 'little less gravity' advert is boards of canada but I could be wrong, I wondered whether it was Sigur Ros? If anyone does find out who it is then please let me know! :)

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