nightmare 360/lcd tv connection help desperately needed


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hi guys,
please bare with me here, but iam going bloody crazy here, trying to get this to work.

ok heres were iam at.

i have a phillips 17" lcd tv, (rented so no other choice)

only has, DVI-D connection, and basic yellow/red/white connections

on the 360 side of things, i have of course, the standard cable that came with the prem edition of the 360, with the 6 cable connections and the hd/tv switchable.

now i have just bought (thinking this is what i needed), the 360 vga cable, and a DVI-D adaptor.

so here we up to this morning.

in goes the vga cable, to the adaptor and into the DVI-D.

now i select PC from my tv's AV source button, (this is what it says in the instructions)

now, when i switch on the 360 i get...."no input signal"
mmmm i think.

racked my brains for an hour trying again and again, but still no joy. ( i did also try the HD setting in my tv source panel, and again no picture.

so, my next port of call, i best try the vga cable in my pc monitor.
so on the graphics card, the connections are......
standard vga , and a DVI-I.

now the thing is here, again i get nothing happening when i turn on the xbox, and my pc.

ive got an ati radeon 9550, checked in all catalyst stuff, cant get the dam thing to come on.
(got a feeling iam doing something wrong though as i have never attempted a second display, i have gone through all the "force tv" and the like in catalyst)

so guys, sorry for the long winded thing here, but this is driving me to bloody dispare, and iam in desperate need of help here.

firstly i guess i could do with knowing if the vga cable is ok, so my first question is....why no picture on my pc monitor.??

2nd question,
i am i doing something wrong on the 360 side of thing's.??

(i had a thought, regarding maybe its my 360's settings why its not displaying, but thing is how the hell can you change settings when you get no picture...all very confusing.

so guys any help would be immensely appreciated here...iam going mad.

on a final note as iam close to just giving up,

i do need a better picture for my 360 on the lcd, as to be honest, i basically can not read any text on it, its appalling picture to be truthful, and i dont know why,

so again any help here, regarding what cable exactly should i get to get the best possible display for what i have there a better scart lead available than the bog standard MS one??

thanks guys.

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