Night/Curse Of The Demon.


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I like old horror films. They have a style and charm that has alas, now departed from the film industry.

Hammer films for example, always looked and felt better than there budget. And as we all know, budget and social and censorship restrictions, forced horror film makers to be creative and innovative.

Now N/COTD is a true classic. It is sinister, subtle, and very british. Now the fact that the demon is shown (much against the directors wishes) is unusual, but I personally think it was a triumphant for British FX supremo Wally Weevers who cut his teeth in the film industry under FX pioneer Les Bowie.

To you gobby, runny arsed bits of kids with your "Scream" and your "I know it's a ****e horror movie", the fluffy muppetesque demon may be as scarey as Barney with a flick knife, but to me and thousands of others of my generation, when I first clapped eyes on this monster, my sphincter was puckering up.

So spoil yourself and buy this marvellous film. It has both the short US and the longer UK version on it, and has been remastered very well, looking crisp and clean.

The perfect late night viewing material, if ever there was.

(And I wan't no lip from you youngsters, as I pay more taxes and fought in the war for the likes of you. Did I get one, no......)


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Whole heartedly agree with you about this film. It's old, black and white but boy does it have atmosphere. I especially like where Dana Andrews is walking through the woods at night and he hears the footsteps and sees the mist and demon beginning to materialise. This bit has to be seen late at night with the amp turned up (sends a tingle up my spine every time I see it). Excellent casting in the film and Niall MacGuinness playing the warlock is very believable. When Dana Andrews first loses the parchment onto the fire guard you just feel you want to reach out and grab it for him. This is one of my all time favourite films and not many people have seen it. Okay the special effects are a bit weedy compared with todays efforts but this film has a good story behind it to support it. I love it.:)

Hey Xusia Of Delos, has this just come out on DVD then? Are you talking about Region 1 or Region 2?:cool:


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My favourite horror film, I remember being left in a MkX Jaguar in 1969 whilst my parents went to buy a second-hand grandfather clock, they seemed to be away for ages in a creepy old house, where the old lady selling it lived. It was a country lane, misty November at night...........every swirl of dust was the demon coming to get me........still scares me......was 8 at the time.
Often think of it when I look at the grandfather clock.

Ian J

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Originally posted by gringottsdirect
I remember being left in a MkX Jaguar in 1969 ........still scares me......was 8 at the time.

Ah, the secret is out, you are of Philosan drinking age.


Great film, they also made it a one off of a part of a spine chilling series on the TV, which was even more frightening than the film, when I first saw it. They never showed the monster, but the villain was showing drawings of it to children to frighten then. (The story was set earlier in the century than the film).
It is based on the book Casing The Runes by M R James I was lucky to find this original story, I only read it pretty recently.

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