Nifty little proggy


Just been mucking around with this little program I found at Samurize
It would be a nice addition to an HTPC desktop. It displays all sorts of system information such as temps, disk space etc. Nothing that great there I hear you say. Seen it all before!!!

But this one has a plug-in available that checks the radio times TV listings and can display the current/next program on your desktop. That includes most of the major Sky channels as well. There's lots of adjustability in positioning of information, size and colour of text etc.

Just though some of you guys might like a look.


Desmo, I can't get the page to display, but sounds great. Forum's taking ages too, everyone getting excited about comer's wind-up. He was on about tearing on his projector last night and this AM, so I know he's OK really.


That other thread made me crack up :)
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