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nifty furniture on ebay


Active Member
not sure if info about this guy has been posted here but i got a glass pc desk for my room from this place , he also does other nice lookin stuff at decent prices http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Quatropi-Ltd

shall post pics of the desk once i finish decorating my room on sunday if anyone wants to see it.


Definitely. Interesting dealer. What was your experience with this dealer like?


Active Member
very good i paid for the deck about 12pm and desk was here next day.

ive not round to setting it up yet, but i must say the desk is HEAVY, and i didnt facy tugginup the stiars so i left it downstairs for a few days and got 3 mates round to help bring up 2 flights of stiars last nite.

i have had a look at the glass desktop and shelves and all are very very thick.
i am hoping to have it setup on saturday now


Active Member
finaly got round to fixing up the desk today. there some rubber parts missing from mine, bits that go between the ;egs and table glass. but it still fitted ok.

and one of the legs had big dent in which i didnt notice first time i got it. the desk is very good but if anyone gets on of the guy make sure you fully check the contents for damages etc. and not leave it one side for a few weeks like me.

oh well i'll know better next time


yes the floors a mess but it was hard fixing up the table as each peice of glass is prrety heavy.


Distinguished Member
You can afford nifty furniture, Dell TFTs (BOGOF ?) and all manner of fancy peripheral hardware and yet the humble vacuum cleaner is unknown to you ? :D Would you have one if it had a digital display, air quality control down to 1ppm and rpm readout ? :)



Active Member
i have a vacum, a dyson that looks like a nifty ghost buster back pack. the roiom was just an empty one that i used fopr storage until now. it shall be cleaned up when i feel upto it.


Active Member
sup fellow freddie!!


place i got it from, but i should warn you the table has begun wobbeling when i inspected i found both front legs to have come loose. looking for a none staining but stron glue to hold them in place now. if you do get it inspect the conets asap i left mine boxed for a while then got round to setting it up.

oh and the wires are pain to hide as well

Mr Cat

Adrenochrome said:
Desk looks nice but can i hazard a guess and say that there isn't a woman in this house :)

...jst one - his mum...! :rotfl:

sorry...no need for that I know...

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