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I was playing with my new camera this month and took this amazing picture of my fiancee while on holiday i told her too look away from the camera for once i raised the EV shift (i think it was that i cannot remember) she isn't to keen on photos she has low self esteem so i cannot wait to show her this picture because it makes her look amazing (in my opinion and we dont live together... YET!) I hope you enjoy it just as i enjoy looking at it everyday!! I took it while on holiday to the isle of wight a week ago at the Needles!

Casio EX-Z60 Exlim Zoom Black
Focal Length - 6mm
Exposure Time - 1/100 sec
Exposure Compensation - +1.7 step
Metering Mode - Center weighted average
F-Number - F/3.1
iSO 200

Oh and i'm not a pro but would love to be!!!



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Fun pose, but I think that the over-exposure is a bit too much; you lose too much detail from the image (although this is probably what your fiancee wants! :) ), and it's left slight blue fringing on the edges of the bright areas

The thing you'll learn over time is that women rarely like any photos you take of them - not much you can do unfortunately! :)
To get a good picture that she'll like, play around lots with different lighting - do everything you can to avoid shadows on the face (yes, over-exposing does this, but at the expense of other parts of the pic) otherwise they complain about their complexion, or having bags under the eyes... :rolleyes:

As you've shown here, though, it's much easier to get a natural, fun shot by *not* looking at the camera...

Hope this helps!


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well i was playing with the settings and took other shots of the scenery b4 taking this... im happy i think its good but each to there own!!! cheers for your advice


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I don't know if its just me, but it looks a little like it's been 'squeezed' a little as well. have you adjusted the proportions?


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Only the longest edge has to be 800 pixels. The other can be what ever you like to keep it in proportion. When you adjust the resolution just tick the 'lock aspect ratio' box or similar.



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hmm i need to try harder next month judging by the current voting maybe there should be an ameaturs and pros section...

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