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It does not sound good at all -
“Draconian” cuts to the NHS are putting cancer patients’ lives at risk, according to some of Britain’s leading doctors and surgeons.

In a leaked letter of complaint to NHS England, 13 clinicians complained about a lack of trained staff, restrictions on the use of advanced radiotherapy and multi-million pound machines used to treat cancer being left “idle”.
NHS cuts putting cancer patients at risk, warn doctors - Health News - Health & Families - The Independent

The response from NHS England is somewhat lacking and looks more like spin than anything else (read the article). Also using the term providers makes me think they want to degrade services so much they'll award contracts to Private Health Care providers to plug the gaps they've created.
Policy seems to be - Starve the NHS Of cash to make it look like it's failing, cherry pick the best parts to sell off and so on. The NHS requires Evidenced based reforms, be more realistic about treatment options within budget constraints and only offer work to the Private sector when it benefits patient care. Osborne has been clawing cash back from the NHS on top of the £20 billion in cuts (call them efficiency savings if you like, but that's a civil service sounding phrase).

Given what's happened to the energy, water and trains, we should think very carefully before we make any changes to the NHS.


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Non of energy water or trains are real capitalist entities, they are given effective monopolies (a little less so energy), now if the same were to happen to the NHS that wouldn't be good.

If there were companies sitting under the NHS, wearing NHS uniforms and paid from NHS budgets but providing services from private sector at a better quality and cheaper price than the NHS itself can provide, would that be a bad thing. Of Course the patient themselves picking the company to use based on out come evidence and research would be even better (not for A and E, but maybe oncology)

The potential is for things to get a lot worse, and as you say the government (any) have a terrible record in this area, even BT enjoys a de facto monopoly on things like line rental and that is one of the privatisation success stories. Even with the royal mail, we'll have to wait an see, and that's not people's lives on the line.

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