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feel free too add me, not really touched MP yet, but might give it a go tonight.

Im finding Single player really difficult! What car should I stick with to go through the upgrades (nitros etc)?
To find which cars you need to do each event, look at this:

I used it and it makes it super easy to do! Mark off which race you do as you do it.

As for cars, Gallardo is my weapon of choice along with the R8. If you can get the R8 set up right, you can do every race possible with it.

Oh, and for Needle Point, I used the Konny rather than the Veyron when people start to struggle there :smashin:


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I tend to use the Chevrolet Corvette early on in the game, it's lightning fast and handles pretty well. I don't think there is a stock car faster in the game. Can defeat Most Wanted up to the Veyron without too much trouble.


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The Hennesey is my car of choice


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I used the starting Porsche for the first few Most Wanted cars, then The Audi Spyder. Used it right up until the Most Wanted Porsche which I used until I got the Most Wanted Lamborghini and I used it until I got the Bugatti Veyron.

I then used the Veyron for the rest of the game. I easily beat the last 2 Most Wanted cars with it. It's stupidly fast so you can even have the luxury of having a few crashes and still winning your race.

I actually bought the game a while back but hadn't played it until this week. The number of cars that I found (and liked the look of) that had to bought as DLC was starting to wind me up though. Why would I pay £24 for 4 DLC packs when I had already paid for what should have been a full game. Those DLC cars should only appear if you bought the DLC
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Has anyone done the online trophies and are they easy enough or do they take a bit of grinding to get?

I was ready to move onto another game from my backlog but had a look at the trophy list for NFSMW and I really only need to get the trophies for online and then the billboards, jackspots & gates for the Platinum. Collectibles should be easy enough with a map but don't really fancy playing online with randoms for hours


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So, over the last week
I grinded my way through all of the single player trophies and most of the online ones.

I now only need the one where you 'takedown a friend' (got plenty of people on my friendslist with NFSMW but all seem to have moved on to other games) and the one where you have to create a playlist and get other people on it.

Anyone else need these or able to spare 10 minutes or so to help out? I'm willing to help out with trophies for other games that I have

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