nForce4 northbridge fan problems?


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I have an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard, great board, unfotunately, the chipset fan has failed.

Asus have been superb, and sent out a replacement fan straight away. I've checked the motherboard, and the only way to remove the defective fan seems to be to take the whole thing out, and snip off the plastic hooks on the reverse of the board :eek:

This is a pretty big job as everything will have to be disconnected, the motherboard unscrewed out, and all memory + cards taken off :rolleyes:

Then everything has to be reinserted and screwed back in, pain in the ass!!

Does anyone know an easier way?

Also, have any other nForce4 chipset owners experienced this issue?

Thanks in advance



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unless you have a motherboard mounting plate youll have to take it out and fit the new one, shouldnt be too hard, depending on cable length for everything connected to it, just take out the motherboard, fit the fan and put it back, job done


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It's a right bitch taking out that northbridge fan. It failed on my A8N Sli board. I couldn't believe they used plastic hooks!!


Like SH18 says unless your case has a removable motherboard tray you'll need to take it to bits I'm afraid.

Noisy little bugger isn't it!!

I replaced mine with a waterblock as the noise was silly - silence is golden now!!


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You don't really have to take everything off...just unscrew the motherboard, leave the RAM in there and unscrew and remove the PCI Slots and unplug all the IDE/SATA/Floppy cables...shouldn't take longer than 15 minutes.

I had the same sort of problem on my NForce3 MSI K8N Neo2 with the NB Fan, got a new one and it's silent as hell now :).


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The Abit NF7-S had the same problem. Nasty, noisy little Northbridge fan. Replaced with a passive Zalman. ASUS have a few Nforce boards with naff fans.


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Well, operation fan replace has completed, going to take the beast upstairs soon to power everything back on.

Can anybody recommend a decent heatsink (fanless) that will cool the NF4 NB chipset adequately? Links please :D

If it fails again, I'm going to go the silent route as well, Asus were quick to send a replacement fan which was good of them :) It is different to the one that was on there originally, I think they have an updated design for it after so many had failed in the past, so hopefully this one should be ok :)

If the noise really starts to get to me, then out it will go for a silent jobbie.

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