Figured I'd show you mine.

Nfenix began back in the summer as a sponsored build. Sponsors were Specialtech, Bitfenix and EVGA. It was done as a budget mod to demonstrate modding can be fun and doesn't have to be expensive (we ain't all got stupid money).

It began with -

Core 2 Duo E4500. This was free, more on it later.
EVGA 790i Ultra SLI motherboard. Donated by an American sponsor.
2gb ram (more than enough for gaming) with large heatsinks (sponsor donated)
EVGA GTX 295 x2. The first was part of the build, the second was added recently for Nvidia Surround.
Zalman ram cooler (Specialtech)

E4500 clocked to 3.4ghz on Noctua cooler (donated by Noctua) with custom fan.

Couple of pics.

Stealth hard drive.

LED change.

Some painting.

Paint and vinyls cost £28.

And what it is used for now. Quad SLI Surround.

There are a few more on my channel.


Oops missed a shot of the inside :)



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Epic case mate, I really like the Bitfenix cases


Nice build log. Personally not a fan of flashy cases like this but great effort.

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