Nextbase 522gw

Plasterer Carl

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I have a couple of problems with my hardwired Nextbase 522gw front & rear dashcams.

Since I've had them installed, they interfered with the DAB radio (didn't work at all) so after some googling I purchased and fitted some ferrite cores at each end of cable and this seemed to work a little but the signal still keeps cutting out.

So I'm beginning to think it might be the position of the cable where it's been installed in the roof of my car that's the problem so first job I took the power cable out of the dashcam so there was no power to cameras and tried radio but there was no change

My next problem now is when I put the power lead back into camera, it now won't power up....can anyone tell me why this has happened please and any advice to try and rectify it

Also any advice on whether trying to move the cable elsewhere in car will fix the interference problem I'm having with DAB radio.

Many thanks


I had the issue with a 512GW in that when I routed the cables up the pillar along with the DAB unit I fitted there was little DAB signal. Solved by re-routing the power cable for the Nextbase up the other pillar and kept all wiring well away from the DAB kit and aerial.

Re the power up issue - are you sure there is power at the end you are plugging into the Nextbase?

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