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Nextbase 522GW


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Yes and still nothing every other stamp is showing
But the GPS icon on screen doesnt show when attached in car, very strange

Might try hard resetting the unit anyone know how to do that?


Hard reset via recessed reset button on underside


Isn’t that a soft reset , I thought you needed to do a hard reset in the menu’s 🤔

Usually the other way around for devices - soft settings reset via menu.....


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Excellent customer service

New mount arrived yesterday tried it this morning all seems ok
Wonder if the flexing etc of the removal from the strong magnet was the culprit in damaging the mount


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Nextbase have now released the Series 2 of their acclaimed dashcams.

This review is for the 522GW model.

I have included an unboxing video for you, and I will list the tech info below.

An important and new feature is the use of Alexa to give you voice control over some of the actions.

Product Features

1440p Quad HD recording at 30 fps.

Inbuilt polarising filter to reduce windscreen reflection and glare.

HD Touch Panel Display Bright, with a 3" screen with IPS technology.

Click & Go Pro Powered Mount.

Adhesive and suction fittings.

G Sensor / File Protection (In the event of an impact the device will automatically 'protect' the recording, stopping the file from being over-written).

GPS to keep track of your journeys.

Automatic Start / Stop Technology

Intelligent Parking Mode

Built-in Microphone & Speaker.

Nextbase Cloud™ Service.

MyNextbase Connect™

Alexa Voice Control. (You will need the Alexa app installed).

Nextbase accessories to enhance your recordings, including Rear Facing Cameras.

Amberalla chipset & Sony Starvis sensor.

Installation into the car is as always, straight forward. The dashcam can be hardwired or powered by the 12v socket. The range now uses Lithium Polymer batteries (3.7V/320mAh) and intelligent battery charging with thermal cut out in the circuity – this ensures the batteries now charge at the correct rate depending on their temperature and dramatically prolongs their life. I chose to use the 3M sticky mount - I find this to be more secure in my old Ford Focus, though you can instead use the supplied suction mount. The camera connects directly onto the mount using a very strong neodymium magnetic attachment. You will see that in the video above. This is the all new Click&GO Pro mount, and is really clever how it works. Remove the small door/cover located on the front of the camera and the mount snaps into place when offered up to it.

The 522GW features an IPS LCD touchscreen, which makes accessing the menus very easy. In these menus you can set all the usual things - video length, resolution, GPS on/off, G Sensor, Intelligent Parking mode, etc. Its around 35% smaller than its precursor (the 512GW) which makes for a more discrete install.

There are various resolutions - the native one being 1440p (2K) but you can reduce this, though for me there is no reason to do so. That is unless you add one of the rear view camers via the unique modular system - you can add a rear facing lens (there are 2 versions) to allow you to look into the interior of your vehicle, or through the rear window (using a zoomed lens). If you want though, you can connect a rear cam onto the back window independently which then needs to connect to the front camera. Note however, if you add a modular camera, the resolution of the forward facing camera will record in lower resolutions - you can choose from the following:

Front Camera Rear Camera (if connected)

1440P @ 30FPS 720P @ 30FPS

1080P @ 60FPS 720P @ 30FPS

1080P @ 30FPS 1080P @ 30FPS

The 522GW also has an inbuilt polarizer, - on mine it was set to the almost perfect position out of the box, but you need to check and rotate it as needed to reduce as much reflection off your front windscreen as you can.

The new app is available on Google Play for Android {HERE} called "My Nextbase Connect". This allows you to connect your mobile phone to the camera, just follow the prompts and it should take no time at all. You will also need to download the "Alexa" app {HERE}.

With Alexa you can ask to play music, make calls, get directions, find somewhere to park, and of course, control your dashcam.

Both these apps worked fine on my brief test, so give it a go.

A brand new unique feature of the Series 2 is Nextbase Emergency SOS. If you are involved in accident, this can alert emergency services to your location. This alert sends crucial medical details (make sure you input the details of things like blood group, allergies etc). Hopefully, I will not have a need to test this out! Should this happen though the Emergency SOS system will go through a number of things to check you're okay. This would include ringing your phone. When (hopefully) you answer, the emergency alert will be cancelled. If you have the Incident Aware active, the dash cam will lock the video file and send it to your smartphone.

The GPS has been improved dramatically too - connecting now 10 times a second for faster and more accurate location finding.

You can record audio - and I have to say the microphone is exceptional. Voices, music, and with windows open, passing vehicles are loud and clear with no distortion.

Nextbase have a very comprehensive manual that you can download from their website {HERE}.

It is important that you update the firmware by downloading the latest version [HERE}.

You should also download the desktop viewer for looking at your video files - this player is only compatible with the Series 2 dashcams {HERE}. With this application, you can edit your videos - joining more than one together, annotating them, you can add titles, and change the output of the files. You can even share videos onto social media by clicking the "share video" button. I do think this software is due a tweak though, so check for updates.

My first impressions are very positive. I will soon add some road footage, both day and night, for you too see the levels of recording.

The bonus 25% discount for cheaper insurance is still available if you insure vehicle through Surething Insurance.

The details for the 522GW are available {HERE} on the Nextbase website.

One thing I asked about pre-production with Nextbase, was the colour of the GPS Speed Display. On the 612GW (and other Series 1 models which had it, the speed readout was a rather obvious yellow, so I asked about options of different colours). I'm pleased to say that the readout of the speed on the screensaver is a comfortable blue, so my thanks to the developers if my idea was taken up on this. This updated speed display is better because the satellite locks more frequently, using 2 separate systems simultaneously, so it recalculates 10 times per second (way better than at the moment on the Series 1 cams), so its updating almost immediately now.

There is so much more to get out of this camera, which I will let you discover for yourself. Half the fun is in playing around with new technology, and this dashcam is no exception. There are loads of options to change and set up in the menu pages, there is the connectivity via hi-speed wi-fi and Alexa, and of course, owning a dashcam that not only records your journeys and incidents, but a dashcam that could potentially save your life!


As great as it is, a little forward thinking would have be good. For if you are just trying to upgrade from a 512gw, you have to purchase a new rear camera as the connections are not comparable, as I have just found out to my cost,


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Reasonable point , guess you can’t cover all the bases though , what rear camera did you get ?
I did not buy a new rear camera as I thought the 521GWRC would be okay, Im now trying to get some sense out of Nextbase support, but they are having trouble understanding my problem. I find this most frustrating as NOWHERE is there a warning of non compatibility, and am starting to feel that this just another way of generation income. For example, they have not changed the power input cable.


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The latest from nextbase support is, as it’s a series 2 camera I have bought I should have known a series 1 rear camera would not work in it. They are more than happy for me to go out and spend a further £50 to now replace the rear camera, which I will, because I like the system.


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Search about because you can get the rear screen ball camera for less than that , I think I paid around £37 , you’ll need a good card as well , I’ve got a high endurance sandisk one that works fine 👍


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the days of £37 seem long gone. Best price at present is£47 new. There are a couple on that well known internet auction site a little cheaper.
Having run the 512gw alongside the 512gwrc successfully for a number of years on a 128 SanDisk card Ill stick with that thanks

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