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I have just upgraded from a Nextbase 312GW to a 412GW. One annoying problem I had with the 312 was it wouldn't retain the correct time, losing 1 hour despite the fact it was set to GMT. I assumed it was a one-off fault with that particular camera and didn't expect the same problem when I bought a 412GW to replace it so you will understand my frustration when viewing some footage this morning to discover the timestamp on this device is also one hour slow! Having checked on Google it seems it's a more common problem than I thought but nobody seems to hav a definitive solution. Some users are setting their timezone to GMT+1 which would certainly be a short term fix but surely that would mean having to fiddle about with the timezone again when BST ends or begins. I cannot believe that a big brand like Nextbase cannot provide a permanent fix to this problem in this day and age. Anyone else suffered from this glitch?

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At least it records something for you.

I am absolutely done with this dashcam, because yet again, it has decided that it does not want to record anything. I have had this happen from time to time, ever since buying it 2 or 3 years ago.

I have re-formatted the card, and updated the firmware

I wanted to check some footage from a couple of weeks ago, and find that it last recorded at the beginning of June.

And as for the firmware update is utter garbage.

Sorry for the ranting thread hijack...;-)
Not having one of those devices, so I could be wrong. My guess is that nothing is actually wrong but it simply records the time in UTC, which it should. So the recording is ok. It’s just the display that doesn’t calculate it into your current timezone.

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