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aww man that was a terrible film, cage was old enough to be her grandfather and the effects were ropey as hell, i think an HD version will really ram it home how video game looking some those scenes were


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Next HD DVD now processing at Movietyme

:thumbsup: Mine too..

Just waiting for this one to do the same and I'll be sorted.. ;)



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I was enjoying this film, and then came the ending :(

It is a bit of a downer, isn't it?

Without going into spoilers, it does seem to promise a continuation which seems unlikely to come to pass, given this film's less-than-stellar box office performance.

Still, a lot better than "Ghost Rider"...


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I have heard this film is a stinker.

I am suprised it warrents a TrueHD soundtrack yet TF does not!


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I enjoyed it. Thought it was a pretty good action movie. I will be getting it HD for sure. SHould look stunning. One thing that did annoy me is Nick Cages hair. *** is up with that?


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Does anyone have the EIV Blu-ray version of Next ? If so how is the PQ ? Is the movie presented in Original Aspect Ratio ? Please advice.

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