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After using a Sony 900v for a year or so I decided to buy a Pioneer 565 for the dual audio, twin scart and p/s on NTSC for the day I can use it.
Sadly the NTSC RGB via Scart to a Panasonic TV is unusable, so I am using the HS2, no problem but second best IMHO.
This problem is compounded by the use of a Philips 890 upstairs which only the Sony will play it's discs on.
So faced with this barage of kit knocking around, a universal player would be the answer, but throw in -R and the Sony's start to quiver.
So, I am prepared to use a player for DVD video only, awaiting some sort of visual upgrade ie plasma or pj.
Big question... there are many low to midrange dual prog scan players around, Sony, HK and Yamaha but now the Samsung HD935 is here, how does it compare?

Has anyone been able to do a side by side review?I like the sound of the Samsung but hear of judder problems.
The 730 and 930 seem solid,yet not -R friendly
The only two I don't know much about are the Yamaha and the Pioneer ? 668.
The screen problem I have with the 565 is the same as a Mico player I bought with, same problem with NTSC, both machines made in China
I am prepared to run the 565 for dual audio and a second video only player, is the Samsung worth it's salt against the rest?I fancy the DVI input.


PS sorry for rambling it was quite a late one!:zonked:

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