Next Gen Graphics cards ATI 5xxx & Nvidia G300


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Nvidia is trying to change the world once again. The company tends to make some big architectural changes and it did it with G80 / G92 and last time with its GT200 generation.

The next in the line of big conceptual changes and rethinking the graphics world as we know it is GT300. We don’t even know if the codename is right, it is at least to some people, but the chip is real and it should be coming either in late 2009 or early 2010. No-one, even at Nvidia, knows exactly when this should happen, but they all have high hopes it will be this rather than next year.

Since Nvidia is talking and thinking more about the computing market than about graphics dominance, it is easy to believe that the new chip will be fitted for massive parallel computation and it should be much faster in this GPU Cuda, DirectX compute, OpenCL world. It is only natural that performance per watt will increase and that with 40nm you can expect many transistors. DirectX 11 support is naturally there but DX11 will only matter when the big games supporting it comes, and its unlikely that we will get any important titles before deep in the 2010.

Without a doubt one thing is certain. Once it comes, GT300 will be very interesting chip.

THE OLD RAT RACE is back on again between Nvidia and AMD, with Daamit doing its darndest to get a few DX11 cards out the door before the end of 2009, before the green goblin pulls the GT300 series cards out of its hat.

Our sources reckon AMD will be coming out with at least two high performance cards and one mid-range card by the end of 2009, with a possible fourth low-end card by the end of the year or beginning of 2010.

The single GPU RV870 card - which probably translates into the Radeon HD 5870 under AMD's current naming scheme - is expected to appear first, followed by a dual GPU RV800 (Radeon HD 5870X2) and mainstream RV840 GPU (Radeon HD 5850).

Back in December of last year we were told by AMD the 58xx series cards would be reserved for Q4 2009 to pair up with Microsoft's DirectX 11 launch, but with the advent of Win 7 rapidly approaching, that timeframe may have shifted forward a notch.

Nvidia had better hope and pray that TSMC can patch up its leaky 40nm bucket in time to catch up.


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