Next gen graphics card


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I'm also getting itchy palms and want to up the resolution of Far Cry:)
I've noticed post over at overclockers that they're expected the end of April but Nvidia are waiting for ATI to release first and vice verca so we could have to wait a while longer:(
I have been led to believe that we will have to pay in the region of £400-£500 for the highest spec'd cards.:eek:
There have also been some posts that the next set of crds may have 12 or even 16 piplines instead of the 8x we currently have so there may be a mobo upgrade needed too.

expensive times up ahead:rolleyes:


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The next gen cards should be fine on current motherboards as long as you get the agp8x version as opposed to the pci express version. The pipeline count refers to the number of processing channels within a card, ie. a 12 pipeline card can process 12 pixels in a single pass, it does not refer to the speed the card communicates with the other components, this is where the agp speed or pci express speed come into things.

AT's next top end card uses 12 pipelines, and nvidias uses 16. But there is some contention whether this is due to a feature of pixelshader 3.0 that allows a pipeline to process two pixels in a pass when certain features are turnrd off or not utilised in a similar way to hyperthreading on intel cpu's, which would mean there may be 8 actual pipelines. ATI's card oesn'y feature ps3.0 so there are actually 12 physical pipelines. Nvidia may have 8 physical (16 virtual), or if some have now claimed 16 physical (which would mean 32 virtual!). Either way it looks as though this time ATI wouldn't ahniallate nVidia like they did with the last generation of cards, looks like there will be a bit of a fight for the performance crown.


I got a load of cash saved up for a new PC

but trying to hold back for the New BTX motherboards, PCI exspress, DDR2 memory

i see komplett have DDR2 on there site now 512MB stick of corsair for £170!! although when they hit bigger production prices will fall fast

just better hurry the hell up

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