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Question Next best upgrade?


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current set up:
Cyrus streamline 2 with psx-r2
Tannoy Xt6 floor standers
Streaming Deezer lossless.

My speakers are connected directly to the streamer, and my question is where would I get best return for additional spend - either, a power amp between the streamer and speakers, or investing in a speaker upgrade. (Either would be a view to upgrading the streaming unit itself at some point in the future)
Or, am I getting as much as I am likely to from the xp2 ?

Any views appreciated!
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Having tried to find info about your Tannoys I have drawn a blank. Please can you provide a link that gives their spec or a link to a review. I am assuming they are active speakers as the Cyrus XP2 is a streamer/preamp with a variable output and you say they are plugged in directly. If so I don't think you can add a power amp between the XP2 and the Tannoys as the speakers already have power amps in them which I suspect you can't bypass.

There are many active monitors about so once the spec of the Tannoys is know I am sure you will get some suggestions of alternatives. It would also be useful to know the room size/type of furnishings and if there are any restriction s on placement as correct placement can make the system sound much better or you may want to consider room EQ systems to go in between the XP2 and the speakers to get the best out of them (search Dirac).


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Thanks. I think there is a bit of info missing here - the link provided is for some passive speakers and you have said that you have connected the Cyrus XP2 directly to them. I can't see how this can work. The XP2 is a preamp/streamer and provides a line level signal out (variable for volume control) and to be used with those speakers there needs to be an amplifier (power or integrated) between it and them.

What connections on the XP2 have you connected to the speakers?


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The Cyrus offers up 30wpc, so some more grunt would be be the logical choice I think.


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Most cost effective upgrade may well be from buying nothing.

It may well come from, for example, rearranging the funiture in your room and the speaker and listening position as a result. Or simply experimenting with the position or toe in of the speakers.

Or adding one or 2 bookshelves and filling them with books.

Or adding a nice thick rug.

It all depends how optimised your set up is now.

For equipment changes, biggest sonic differences in a digital source system tends very much to be with the speakers. However speakers are a highly personal choice as they are not just there to listen to, they are part of the interior decor for most people.

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