NexNix Panasonic PW6 plasma, component board and tilt wall bracket offer?



I found this offer with ease last week, now I can't!
Has it ended?:(
Sort of, the package is no longer offered with the wall bracket included, but the price has dropped and still includes the terminal board. Price now £1999 ex vat

Can be found here

Guess they got rid of that job lot of wall brackets then!
Unicol brackets are about £150 or you can get a universal one in the power buy forum for £130.

Nexnix are offering the same tilting bracket for £135+VAT. This makes the total deal £15+VAT chepaer than it was before.

I got the Nexnix bracket as part of the original deal, and it seems very good.
Likewise, I think that bracket was made from bits left over from the hull of the QE2! It is also very easy to fit to the panel. Recommended.

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