NEWS: Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series Announced


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Very odd, I don't think the Diamond 11 are the Eleventh generation because I don't think they started with Diamond 1.0.

Next odd that they went to better drivers, modeled on the Jade Series and Square cabinets for two generations, only to go back to the Curved Side cabinets and other drivers.

I assumed that choice was a trade-off. You trade the curved cabinets for flat cabinets with better drivers. And I'm now curious if that means we get curved cabinets but with lesser drivers?

By all accounts the Diamond 200 were highly rated and well regarded, though perhaps sales were not quite as was expected. I'm not sure when the Diamond 200 were introduced, but it seems a bit soon for a refresh.

Still, assuming incremental improvement, I always welcome new speakers, especially from a brand as consistent as Wharfedale. And you know what this means? Soon enough the Diamond 200 will be available at deep discounts, and I won't be complaining about that.

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