NEWS: Trinnov Altitude processors to get free DTS:X Pro upgrade

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We attended the world launch of DTS: X Pro with Trinnov. Very impressive. Added a greater feeling of being there.
The new Lyngdorf MP60 and various Storm MK2’s are also DTS: X Pro.
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The question is when they will receive the upgrades. This was first announced over a year ago and other than some convention demos, it's still MIA.

I've got a friend in Chicago that's running Trinnov and I'm anxious to hear his thoughts on it versus object-based Atmos. Now that there's actually a few soundtracks released at home in both (e.g. Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom and Angry Birds 2 where the BD is DTS:X and the iTunes streaming version is Atmos) it should be possible to see how it performs in terms of imaging preciseness with the extra speakers, etc.


New software 4.2.15 has been available since early Friday and there are plenty of test reports on Avsforum. Fair play to Trinnov for releasing ahead of ISE , it will help iron out any final bugs and means anyone who cannot make the show still feels included in all the excitement. Most people still prefer Atmos it seems



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Well, that's disappointing to hear to say the least. Some of the reports I read are rather odd, though like someone claiming that Neural X now muffles their front soundstage where it didn't before. I was afraid there might be some kind of weird issues with DTS:X Pro that were holding it back so long. It's possible Trinnov's own remapping is not interacting well with the new Neural X or something, though. It's still pretty early and bugged releases are common these days, sadly.

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If any of my older Trinnov customers require the update pushing to their units please PM me on this new logon and I can get it organised for you. Alas I dont have your details after my recent move otherwise I would have emailed you all.

Typically Trinnov heavily beta test the software before release and it is very rare for there to be issues after release. I can only think of one occasion in the past which was swiftly rectified. I know I beta tested most of the recent releases on the Altitude 16 we had on demo, and I had very few problems to report back to HQ.

Im a Dolby man personally, I have always preferred the Surround up-mixer and Atmos personally, but different horses for different courses.

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