NEWS: The AVForums podcast is moving to Wednesdays - Starting 16th September

Stuart Wright

AVForums Founder
Staff member
We’ve made the decision to move the AVForums podcast from it’s traditional recording time of Sunday evenings to Wednesday evenings.
Read the news.


7 GMT is 8 BST. Just saying


Distinguished Member
You forgot to mention that God doesn't like people who work on Sundays. Andrew Marr and the entire Country File team are going to hell! :devil:


Well-known Member
Unfortunately for all I will be there. ;)


Well-known Member
The most exciting things to do while sitting down isn't watching the podcast, but it would be somewhat inappropriate for me to explain any further. See you next Wednesday.... hmm I wonder where i've heard that one before. ;)


Active Member
Nice one, as I thought you'd stopped doing anymore and they are very entertaining.


Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
We get one step closer to the podcast becoming a live Air Crash Investigation/Forged in Fire commentary.

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
I meant that in a good way!

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