NEWS: Technics premieres SU-R1000 Reference Class integrated amplifier


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So plenty of pseudo technical gobbledygook. Basic fact not stated, is it class D ?


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Well, reading, it sounds as though Technics are embracing the digital world plus retro look. It reminds me a little of the Luxman L-509x Integrated amp in looks and price, I would be intrigued to see how it performs side by side as it seems to be pushing a lot on using digital technology to remove the distortion vs Luxman keep it clean and direct approach.


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Looks like Class D (lists PCM conversion) with a switch mode power supply (Quoting a switching frequency). I suspect it is an evolution of /alternative to the Hypex/Icepower/NCore/Purifi/Arcam G Class technology that is starting to pop up in most line ups and seems to be getting good reviews and measure very well (assuming you like low distortion with good delivery into most speakers down to 2 ohms).


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I think the clue is talk of PWM (pulse width modulation)..

As for all the flowery talk around the SMPSU, all it has to do is provide a stable output with current reserves. The clock can be fixed, (and synched with other clocks) no big deal, but most importantly the PSU will be in a screened box, so no spurious frequencies get into the audio side.

Anyway, I am sure the specs are good, but it is a high price to pay, when considerable savings are made going down the switch mode psu and class D route. No large transformer and no massive heatsinks for the output stages.

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