NEWS: TCL eyes QD-OLED TV debut at IFA 2021?


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Must be some sort of sticking point here if Samsung Display having invested billions in the tech are offering it out to competitors right away and Samsung Electronics don't seem too interested in being first to market.

No doubt cost related ... hopefully there is some sort of demo at CES.

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What Sony and Panasonic will do with this news is a moot point, they do have had an interest in JOLED after all and no doubt both had this technology earmarked for their own future range of flagship TV's, but LG have maintained full control of OLED panel production in recent years.
With Vizio just releasing its budget OLED in the USA some clues can be gained from the likely issues to be examined when TCL's QD-OLED, hits the market, will their processor be good enough to match Sony with motion processing and will it also be a good gaming TV too, especially if their competing and presumably cheaper priced QD-OLED range is to gain any market share from Visio, Sony or LG.
Just having a marginally cheaper OLED without HDMI 2.1 or possibly VRR will be following Hisense's path with their attempt at selling a cheaper OLED, an idea which probably should have worked a bit better for them if their timing to release the product was a bit later, with cheaper latest generation panels gradually becoming available.
I would think TCL will be looking more at Asia and possibly the Indian market to get distribution going, Europe may also get some early QD-OLED releases just to test consumer response there before entering the tough U.S. market which must be important for the future of TCL's QD-OLED if it is ever going to gain a competitive edge on LG.
TCL becoming any threat to LG's OLED dominance will be a tough ask, rusted on LG and Sony fans will be critical and on line reviewers will compare features which LG have had many years to develop and update, TCL's own desire to 'democratise' the OLED market could become a very expensive statement in 2022 when other brands start saturating the TV market with their new products too.

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