NEWS: Streaming giants face UK regulation by Ofcom

Sloppy Bob

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You do have the option to not pay for a tv licence.

One I use.

Don't use it. Don't pay for it.

No aerials or satellites connected to my TV. It's basically a monitor used for streaming from Prime, Netflix and Disney+ along with a large ripped media library.


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I can’t recall the last time that I watched something on the BBC as a ‘must watch’. At present, with so little to watch on DTT, there’s little in my PVR schedule, and what there is is mainly C4 and a bit of ITV — no BBC stuff at all. I always record stuff on commercial channels so that I can get the best PQ/SQ from the HD channels, and skip the relentless ad. breaks.


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Our Humax Freesat hard drive has never been so empty, and about the only aired content on it is Coronation Street as we like to watch it at weekends because that's when the schedule is even worse than during week. If it was up to me I would cancel the tv license.


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Yup, very few programmes being recorded chez moi from DTT/DSAT nowadays. Next to nothing from the BBC channels, other than a few films, which the BBC frequently airs after several weeks of wall to wall sports coverage, by way of a sop to those licence fee viewers short-changed by the lack of choice. Most of the stuff that I do record is from C4HD (not available on Freesat), or C5HD (with the annoying forced 5.1 audio on Freesat, which renders it unusable because of the awful audio).

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