NEWS: Sony introduces SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000 wireless speakers


Depending on the room correction, these could well be a very good sound machine.

I have an older MA 200 dock thing with a rudimentary bass manager and it really can sound much better than it has any right too.

I’m looking forward to a review.

They certainly look top class from the photos.


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Wired hifi is getting less and less desirable


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The SRS-RA5000 reminds me of one of those Philips shavers... £500 not exactly cheap.

That will look weird in a living room?! And it's not going to sound even the slightest bit as good as a proper discrete 5.1.4 system.

Come on Sony get a move on and release this stuff (music/codec) properly! 😎 We need to be able to hear 360RA on a proper surround sound system.
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The SRS_RA5000 is one of Sony's Hi-Res audio products - all my other Sony Hi-Res products have LDAC in order to receive the higher bandwidth necessary - don't see a HD Bluetooth codec in the specs??

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