NEWS: Sony announces European pricing and dates for its 2022 4K BRAVIA XR TVs


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Armed with that knowledge I would look elsewhere as it is a plain and simple rip-off.
It certainly feels that way, is a shame though as I had pretty much decided to wait for the A90K instead of the C2 due to it supposedly being guaranteed to have a WBE panel and the decent sound system as well as the touted processing. But the price is not good!

There are Panasonics on the way now, but they won't come out until October I don't think and for a couple of reasons I want to get mine by the start of September (having custom alcove furniture fitted so want to have it all cabled up before that goes in). Plus I don't think the Panasonics will have quite as good sound (I'm trying to avoid the need for a soundbar).

Guess I just have to hope that there will be price reductions at some point before September and that stock levels are okay - which seems likely as everyone seems to think they won't be buying as it is overpriced!


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yeah with C2 I can get it for £3400 from RS and then £300 rebate before 1st June so A80K will be £800 more. still cheaper then G2 but not sure the A80k can be compared as G2 has heatsink.


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Hi all,

I am really really disappointed in Sony i was waiting for the Sony A90K 48" spreading all this so called "official" prices ie 1400 and 1500 bucks. Then i check Sony Netherlands (Europe) and to my surprise they are listed for 2k!! Is this a joke?

I go to Sony USA and lo and behold 1400 - 1500 usa dollar!

A difference of 500 bucks heck even more when you convert euro to usa dollar.
Pretty sneaky and discriminating i thought Sony was a "global company" they should have pretty much the same prices world wide. I can imagine taxes etc i am willing to pay like 1600 for the 48" but 500 is way to much for a tv that doesnt deserve that price knowing there are other competitors for cheaper....Unless these A90K's pack some magical ability to deserve its price?

I did contact Sony Netherlands to ask them why....they replied with the typical BS answer just dancing around the question....

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