NEWS: Sonus faber unveils Lumina speaker collection


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have to say I’m a little disappointed.

I’ve always longed to own some Sonus Fabers, mostly because they look unlike anything else and are always gorgeous.

Not so much with these fellows though.

I assume it’s the budget constraint that has decreed square boxes, and that can hardly be helped... but a square box Sonus Faber...? the horror :eek:


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have to say I’m a little disappointed.

Exactly. Where is the blend of beautiful woodwork, curved lines and high tech that evokes super yacht design.

I had to recheck that it was the same company. These are boring boxes.


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I get where you two are coming from, but i think they look quite classy for speakers at this price point.

Alex P79

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I think that to fully understand this new range, they need to be seen in context of Sonus Faber’s recent offerings at a similar price point and their location of manufacture. The Venere range was made in China and was effectively replaced by the Sonetto range which is made in Italy and IMO, a very attractive option at the higher price point. On aesthetic grounds alone they really are something special.

The Lumina range replaces the Principa (made in China) and the Chameleon (made in Italy) ranges. Lumina is made in Italy. The Lumina I standmount, at £800, is a similar price to the equivalent Principa and Chameleon models. The Lumina III floor stander, at £2000, is priced as per the tower models in the previous ranges. Yes, the Lumina is a box speaker, rather than the ‘lute’ shape of the higher models, but both the Principa and Chameleon were quasi-boxes anyway. Again, IMO, bearing in mind the Italian manufacture and use of real leathers for all but the front baffle, I think the Lumina I represents good value at £800 and could be a very attractive proposition. The Lumina III is nice but I personally would save longer and get the Sonetto III, assuming they would work properly with one’s partnering electronics. Having said that, all the Lumina models have some nice design features, including clever use implementation of port location to help with room placement.

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