NEWS: Sky Elstree Studio investment to underpin European productions


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Any investment in British studios that leads to long term skilled jobs with good prospects has to be welcomed.

I attended an event at Elstree Borehamwood in 1994 and it was very tired with years of under investment. By this time the studio that had housed the set for Dagobah in the ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ had already been sold and a supermarket built on the site.

It’s good to see things have turned around, but at the same time there are only a very few big studios left and they have a very dominant position.



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Yes, I shop at that Supermarket! (Our local Tesco's).

As a resident of Borehamwood, massive film fan and creative person, I welcome this news! Investment and new production can only be a fantastic thing.

The Old George Lucas sound stage is still there but it is true the bigger productions don't come to Borehamwood any more so this is a fillip.

It still makes me laugh (and annoys my wife when I tell her again) but we can buy Star Wars Yogurts from the former space where Dagabah and Hoth were "located".

Life, eh!
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