NEWS: Sharp Dolby Atmos soundbars now available in UK


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Thanks, don't you just love these power output claims, 570w, wow that's a lot lets buy it. It wont be 570 w rms, it will be some other measure, peak music power or some other irrelevant way they measure it to sustain there claims.
When you dig down you will find there is probably 40 watts going through the soundbar and the balance through the sub.


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Sharp....that's not a brand name you hear very often around these parts. I believe that they make good calculators.


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No DTS as far as I am aware.


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The Sony Atmos soundbar with sub-woofer HTXF9000 which supports DTS X can be bought between £230-280. Had a listen a few weeks ago, sounded fantastic.


The Sharp has more physical speakers though so could potentially sound even better.
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