NEWS: Samsung working on QD-OLED successor


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GaN technology is beginning to really take off. Lot's of fast charging smartphone chargers using GaN circuitry and also a few Class D stereo amplifiers using GaN circuitry.


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Interesting step forward. QD OLED having to be based on a blue OLED emitter (the colour with the lowest efficiency and shortest lifespan) always seemed like an Achilles heel for the technology. A brighter longer lasting blue emitter that was cheap to manufacture would then give micro LED a run for its money. Micro LED may still be better (e.g. brighter) but QNED may run it a pretty close second for much less money

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My curiosity is the inkjet process, I would imagine there will be quite a few teething problems.
The reject rate during production could be quite high, quality control may be difficult so early QNED products sold to consumers may have some panel lottery issues.
Overall QNED, if it ever reaches full production, could present a better prospect for manufacturers than OLED, a lot more panel sizes will become available, plus other manufacturers could develop their own QNED manufacturing systems as well.

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