NEWS: Samsung unveils Terrace weatherproof 4K QLED TV for outdoor viewing


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I think I’ll pass at those prices, get a waterproof cover for our summers and bring it in, in winter, I’ve been looking to do this with an Samsung tv of ours, plus the fact I’ve it gets nicked it’s worth next to nothing.


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I would think this has limited use in the UK (like outdoor projection). In the US though they seem to love this kind of thing.

I'm always curious about how much ACTUAL use these types of things get in the second year. Perhaps my habits are just not in line with the general populace but I don't find I hanker for TV's outside. Music, for sure but TV's? I'm kinda more interested in my guests or my family than staring at a screen. I can do that indoors. Maybe it's a weather thing. If I was guaranteed to have great weather all day every day I might be more inclined to do it.

That said I saw one of the US based garden/spa makeover programs which cost the owner upwards of £750k and that had a hot tub etc. with outdoor TV and so on. Thing was they couldn't work on it for more than 5 months of the year as the other 7 had snow on the ground. I did wonder on just how much money I would have to have to blow the best part of a million on an outdoor swimming pool/spa I could probably only use for 3-4 months of the year at best. It wasn't even THAT nice but that's another story.



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The Kardashians need this badly lol.

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