NEWS: Samsung QD prototype TV inspected by vice chairman


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Sounds like electroluminescent quantum dots, but is vague enough that it could be talking about QNED, QD-OLED, or something else. Whatever it is, hopefully it is a nice step forward.


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They aren't specifying how this panel works.
Could be self emitting but they also mention light stimulated quantum dots.


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yes. this is tv. good.

Just another load of bs marketing hype.
It ain't marketing bs. Its a working progress. Development and investment. Who knows what phase Samsung are in. The truth is LG and TCL are working on self emitting quantum dots

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I guess we will have to wait and see whether Samsung releases their new QD sooner rather than later.
Firstly LG is more established with its new generation OLED's and next year LG could increase production to saturate the high end TV market, that's okay during normal times when consumers have more money to spare. That's not likely to be the case now.
Samsung will want to get some new tech products into retail stores and soon, their QLED strategy was always a stop gap until their next generation TV's were ready, Samsung have been teasing a genuine OLED competitor to dominate the middle to high end TV niche market for a while now.
Now that Samsung look to have something with potential the 2020-21 TV market could dry up in the wake of COVID-19

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