NEWS: Samsung moving forward with new TV display technology


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Cripes! another display tech has just pulled into the station, am I ever going to see a clear route to upgrading my 14 year old Samsung LE-52F96BD, which has performed faultlessly all these years!

I want to stick loyally with Samsung as I have luckily not had one blip from this 1080P set since I bought it. I have been on the fence on buying a new Samsung 85" QN900A since they launched. Yes, this will probably be a big step up in image quality as I have not had a 4K set in between. But there are reported Dimming problems with this set, should I wait another year, or hope that some of the refinements on the 900A will be ironed out with a Firmware Update.

Plus the 85" has just had a £1000 reduction in price, toot toot!


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It seems like there's a new display technology every month at the moment. Hard to get excited over any of them until they make it into mass production.


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There's going to be a glut of new borns who have to grow up with the name Oled :(

Little Oled and Qned need your help to enable them to be able to afford to change their name's via deed poll. Please be generous and send you donations to …

Little QLOBALOBDIBLEBEBOPWOTSIT will be the cool kid :lesson:
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Still no DV .......

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