NEWS: Record Store Day 2020 vinyl exclusives announced


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Only record I really want is the Crimson Wing soundtrack by Cinematic Orchestra, I've been hoping they would release this one for a while, it's a great soundtrack if you have not heard it. Luckily my local record store are going to hold onto a copy for me 👍


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A long lost/forgotten/not thought of by the record company as good enough to release Mansun album?

Yes please


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A couple that took my eye -

Clutch - the Obelisk, a 17 record box set, may need a mortgage for that one. (Edit - £350!)
Hawkwind - live at the bbc
Nativity in Black - album of Sabbath covers. Have a cd called the Blackest album which are European Industrial Metal covers of Metallica songs which most are pretty good.

BT Bob

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I quite fancy the Alternative Rumours and the Rory Gallagher (can't have too much Rory).
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