NEWS: Qobuz drops MP3s and introduces Studio Premier Plan


... and arguably more importantly, Qobuz continues to provide bog standard (not MQA encoded) hi-res FLAC file track streams, at the reduced price of £14.99 / month.

So you can say no to lossy MQA as well as MP3!
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Great news and great timing. I had been a Qobuz Sublime+ member, but reverted to their £19.99 a month service for a few months at the end of last year. I've had a promo Tidal HiFi subscription sine November, which is ending next month. The new Qobuz Studio sub, of £149.99 for the year, is just too good to miss. There are elements of the TIDAL service I like better, but not for the extra £5+ a month, and, like Cebolla says, there is no messing around with MQA decoders via Qobuz.

So, net result, one years sub to Qobuz Studio purchased, and TIDAL sub cancelled (to stop it renewing and billing me in a few weeks time).
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Yes, really please with this! A drop from £24.99 to £14.99. Qobuz and Roon, a great match!


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Yes- very welcome indeed. I was strugling to justify the £24.99 monthly bill. £14.99 is much more palatable.
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