NEWS: Pro-Ject announce Stream Box S2


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Seems to have an odd choice of features for 2019 at the price point. It would have made more sense if it were a 2016 product.

No mention of MQA or Roon support - shame, Roon support at least could have made this an interesting little box. Tuned in service probably means no custom URL for internet radio (ie premium subscription services like DI.FM and all its related sister stations for jazz, rock etc) either.

Multi-room looks interesting, but by the time you have bought a bunch of them, other options seem to look much better and probably cheaper - maybe its multi-room functionality and app ui are exceptional, though sadly this is rarely the case.

Other then ability to support 192/24, I am struggling to see much advantage over the CCA TBH which many people may actually find the sound more enjoyable (even if not technically better) with its quite punchy AKM DAC as well as probably being more generally useful through being a lot more broadly supported.

For the price, Yamaha musicast WXC-050 also looks more interesting feature wise with a much more established ecosystem, though I'm sure the DAC on the S2 is probably a bit better than that in WXC-050 though I expect for most people it will sound near identical also having a sabre series DAC chip, albeit a much older and less capable one.


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The description for the Tuefel says multi room setup is possible. Do i need to buy more than one Teufel units (like I am currently doing with my CCA's) or is the multi room setup done from the app? Sorry for my ignorance.


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I get the impression that the Tuefel has the chromecast software built into it. That being the case, then I guess it should be able to participate in chromecast multi-room features.

I would however suggest you direct this specific question to Tuefel tech support as it is also possible that they have only implemented a subset of full chromecast functionality and thus it may not work exactly as you need.

For eg, maybe it can only accept chromecast connection from a phone/tablet, or maybe it can only send from the connect to chromecast devices but not connect from phones etc. Or maybe while it can do both of the above, it cant participate in multi-room or all, or maybe it is limited and cant be grouped with CCAs or whatever.

It is definitely worth checking with them first, though it could be a case of making sure you ask the right question to get the right answers and sometimes that is the problem - knowing what to ask :)

Either way - it looks like a much more interesting and up to date featured device at the price point. Still no Roon or MQA, but at the price point I shouldn't be surprised.
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The Teufel does have Chromecast built in and it can do multi room - I have two of them. They just act as a normal Chromecast device and can be part of a multi-room setup along with normal CC Audios - have three of those. You do need one of them in each room though - a single unit cannot connect and drive two rooms.

I think the whole Chromecast idea is excellent but the Teufels Connectors take it to a whole new level and they are very stable in use - they just auto power on when I cast to them and shut down when I stop casting. Having the other features as well improves their versatility.
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