NEWS: Playstation 5 will launch with 4K disc support during 'Holiday Season' 2020


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GT Sport didn't fail at all. Yes it wasn't what a lot of people expected but it's turned into a massive online racing community and of course the FIA championships. Think it's sold over 8 million copies which isn't bad for an online focused game although there is now a very big single player campaign in it.
And what about the millions who don’t want to race online? I know one person who is very in their Gran Turismo and hates the latest version, because they loved playing the career mode.
They better include one in the next version.

Regardless I see more and more rumours about the PS5 offering PS4 backwards compatibility anyway, and Sony has confirmed PlayStation Now for the PS5 so it’ll have backwards compatibility through that anyway. Wish it had GT4 though.

it’s shaping up to be a very nice system.


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It will launch end of November 2020, priced around £450.
Sony will hold a special event in February in London and announce its specs, MAYBE publicly show a game or two, but the actual console reveal with pricing and launch date confirmation and full gameplay reveal will happen at their event at E3, or their own event around E3.

That’s my guess, along with the home version will look nothing like the dev kit version.
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