NEWS: Philips Hue adds new Play gradient lightstrip for TVs


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Slightly off topic given we're talking about an external LED strip here, but if LG provide the screens for other manufacturers, at least when it comes to OLED TVs, it would be great if Philips could offer the same with Ambilight and integrate it into the chassis of other manufacturers models.

Wishful thinking...


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My understanding is that it does not even work with apps on your TV. So lets say you have any modern TV and use the built in Netflix or Disney app then the Philips lights will not work. You have to have the source coming into to the TV via HDMI, so you would have to plug a Firestick into the Philips HDMI box and then that box to the TV to play your Netflix etc. Seems like a bit of a hassle to be honest.


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Ive pre-ordered one of these to replace the "play" lights on my tv which is due 6th of october. The play lights are a great addition to the viewing experience but can only produce one colour at a time so the fact this new strip can produce multiple colours at once the effect should be alot better.
As mentioned above it doesnt work on the inbuilt apps, it needs to go through the sync box via hdmi.


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I've ordered one too, I currently have 8 play bars around my 65"
3 × top
1 x L&R side
3 x bottom

Hopefully it should be the same effect I'm getting or possibly better. It will definately free up 5 of my play bars, resulting in less wiring behind the tv. Yes I agree with an earlier post Philip's are certainly advertising this as if they never already had the technology years ago to produce this gradient strip.

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