NEWS: Philips Audio brand to relaunch in Europe


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I had a brilliant CD player as my first separate system unit. There was a 3 in one in the house that was as good as any all in one I've heard in the house when I was young. The fact they are back is only a good thing for audio gear nerds (like me)


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Hmmm... I’m all for Philips return to glory. But will these be audio designed or market designed?

Clearly Philips has the engineering skill. Hope they use it.

Fred Smith

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In the mid-80s in our family home we had a large Philips crt television, (pre-widescreen) and matching V2000 vcr. I remember the picture and sound quality were excellent, and you turned the unique video tapes over giving four hours each side. Loved it.


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Oh , it's a good news !! I think TPV will make a good job with audio product like they realeased with the Philips Oled TV and other Tv range.
Philips brand have a spirit … Gibson was a mistake… Good choice that Philips give it's trust to TPV !!! I think since thirtee years , i have bought about 3 thousand product because i'm a fan … So , PHILIPS , let's go !!!!

Alex P79

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From what I understand Philips used to be a very R&D led company. I preferred Sony products myself but we have had a few Philips products that have been reliable. They also made some good quality CD mechanisms. Interestingly, Philips were one of the pioneers are transferring manufacture to the Far East. Also, a former division of theirs (Philips Sound Solutions, now Premium Sound Solutions) is the company responsible for the design and manufacture of most 'premium' car audio systems for the likes of Meridian and all those other Hifi brands that have put their name to OEM car audio systems in recent years. Yes, your 'premium' car audio system is not really a product of an illustrious hifi brand, though they may have had some design input, but rather PSS. Ask any decent car audio installer and they will tell you that the component quality of most OEM premium systems is nothing like what you would get from decent aftermarket car audio suppliers.


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Well, fingers crossed for a new range of MFB speakers, although I won't hold my breath...


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I very much liked my CD960, keeping it for many years. In the end the ribbon cable connecting the drawer-mounted open/close button suffered mechanical damage from regular bending / unbending, Philips could no longer supply a replacement, and my dealer couldn't mock up a replacement that fit the narrow space from standard components.

I also had Philips TV's for many years, and especially liked the two box CRT set I had that needed a hifi for sound.


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Never rated them. Have had a string of products with them that consistently failed. Build quality never good enough in my experience

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