NEWS: Panasonic introduces JZ2000 Flagship OLED TV with HCX Pro AI for 2021


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Yeah, they usually have their own show in Feb/March, so shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.


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I thought CES had their flag and that was it, all other models and details arrive a month or two later. Looks like a repeat of last year tbh (never mind CES is for the US market which Panny don’t actually serve)


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Panasonic's marketing is absolute garbage.
Have you seem Sony's marketing for the A90J? It's like it's been written by a politician. No real detail just hyperbole and obscure statements. With a quick scan of the web page, the only mention of the OLED panel is: "Paired with our unique OLED panel..." Nothing about it's improved efficiency, new panel composition nor higher brightness. That's from the UK site.

LG seem to be the only ones to give any information on the new found capabilities. From the US website:
"LG OLED evo sets a new standard. The next-gen OLED panel has been redesigned to include an extra layer and a stronger emissive material. These optimize the structure of the panel and refining the wavelengths of light. The result is brighter*, punchier picture quality, and improved clarity of content — it's not just the display that's evolved, it's your viewing experience.".

That's not available on the UK website yet.

Seems most TV manufacturers are bad at this.


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