NEWS: Oscars 2021 grants streaming movies eligibility


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I think it was inevitable that they would have to make this change. It says temporary in light of COVID-19 pandemic, but I could see it becoming permanent.

I don't think this will affect the big hitters such as NetFlix all that much, as they can already afford to buy/rent their own movie theatres, so they can show films theatrically in a limited fashion to get around the existing 'Oscar' screening rules. It may have a bigger affect on independent film makers, who couldn't afford such luxury.

The biggest change post COVID-19 will be the every smaller window between theatrical and streaming releases. Ultimately, cinema-chains are going to find things extremely tough. It looks like AMC in the US may be forced into bankruptcy.



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Yeah I haven't seen a streaming exclusive that is even worth a mention for an Oscar. Most of them tend towards getting the opposite award for worst film.
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