NEWS: OLED TV sales boost post-pandemic predicted

Sir Oled

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As all analyst predict this i should say ; dream on:rolleyes: no work , no money collapsing of big tech company's, aircraft in trouble, and an industry which will have a downfall from 5- 10 % sure everybody' s buying an oled for the next couple of years :censored:


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I am sure that after weeks of being largely confined indoors, lots of people on reduced wages, and ongoing financial uncertainty, that the first thing on peoples minds will be to go out and get a new TV.
BS. A fall from pre virus levels is more likely than a surge.


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They'll be lucky! There are far too many people suffering financially in lockdown and it will take time to recover: so, a new TV is far from high up in their purchasing agenda.

Others will also wait and watch the stability of the economy before flittering away rainy day funds. We may all have to stash more cash into pension funds too.


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And those of us watching the daily briefings on oled are probably ruining their sets with the white and red strips and logos on the screen for an hour plus each day. We will probably soon be joining the thread about burn in or as it should really be called "pixel wear"


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Frankly, with the dire offerings that the television channels have been re-gurgitating over out screens the last few months - I wouldn't be surprised if TV sales collapsed even further......

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A 30% to 40% drop in productivity and commercial sales could be average for a lot of businesses, there's going to be a possible new world post the COVID-19 shut down, so making any positive analysis about sales growth does look like wishful thinking, especially for an OLED product that has not decreased its pricing by much since it first came on the market, monopolized as it is by LG Displays.
In my opinion LCD TV sales don't look to be the big losers in the short to medium term, if this proves to be correct this also will not be good news for LG's investment in OLED.
LG Electronics will have little choice but to reassess its TV production quotas and this couldn't happen at a worst time for its new Guangzhou Chinese factory and the companies continuing financial losses.


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I’m sure all of the millions of people that lose their jobs due to the lockdown are going to go out and buy a new oled tv with the money they don’t have. Yes that will definitely happen. Are these analysts getting paid to produce these reports and write these articles? If so I’d like that job.

milano j

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Just my tuppence worth....we all require a tinge of optimism right now, for me personally l have been working all through this So named Lock down period in the UK.....but all l can say is in last week ,traffic has really increased on my way to work...been dead til last week, motorways especially as was the industrial estate l work within..next week l expect it to be even busier....natives are restless....lack of info and guidance.....is dreadful...PROPAGANDA...l live and work in central Scotland....but l would never buy an OLED tv.....in Lock down or out of it.....Top of the range..QLED...damn right l would some good deals to be had

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