NEWS: Netflix to stop supporting older Samsung TVs in December


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Bit of a non-issue really.

A simple wifi enabled bluray player with built in netflix would get around this. As would a multitude of other devices.


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Quite, a £49 firestick for instance...


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A £29 Roku Express obviates the problem as well. Better than built in Apps in most cases.


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Humph. We upgraded from our 2012 32in Samsung because it didn’t have Netflix and the word was it was never likely to get it.

Dug it out recently, as we needed a further set, and I figured a Roku Stick would give it more smarts than it had to begin with,

But just for grins, I refreshed all the apps it had on it anyway. What came up? Netflix, smart as paint.

What would no longer run? That bastion of multiple platforms, the BBC iPlayer. It’s still on the TV, mind, so I guess it thinks it still runs. but it doesn’t.

But I think six years is a good run, so apps providers are excused, in my book, from supporting anything released before 2014 now.

And the Roku Stick is much faster than the native Netflix anyway, even if it is still running....

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