NEWS: Netflix steps in to save iconic Paris Theatre in New York


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I think it's an excellent use of NetFlix's money. Prestigious for them, but also great that they are saving a heritage movie theatre. Perhaps Mr. Spielberg will follow their lead and save another precious single-screen movie theatre... I hadn't realised this was the only left in Manhattan.

The Seattle Cinerama complex has been in private ownership for many years (Paul Allen of Microsoft purchased it and had it restored it to its former glory).

The ArcLight Group owns several up-market venues in North America (majority in Los Angeles), they own and restored the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, CA.

Quentin Tarantino owns the New Beverly Cinema near Hollywood, CA.

Mann Theatres Group didn't survive, and the cinemas in West Wood Village CA, don't get the audiences they used to. I imagine it's hard for Regency Threatres to make a profit.

Shame nobody saved the Empire Leicester Square. Criminal what they did to it :-(

I love what Everyman Cinemas have done in the UK. Their restoration of old Odeon Cinemas has been superbly done, and the premium experience is worth every penny.

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