NEWS: Netflix pledges new movie premiere every week in 2021


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Looks like Netflix is still pushing his quantity not quality agenda. There will probably be decent content among those 70 films, but most of them will be filler, and they must be because honestly there is no way you can find that many good directors screenwriters actors ecc..


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I bet that every film will be a blockbuster epic.

I bet I lose a lot of money :confused:

Looking forward to such films as:
My Left Slipper
Dances With Smurfs
The Life and Loves of John Craven
Hah! It's Noon
Morbid Dick
The Oddfather
The Guns of Minestrone
East Side Story
Mutiny on The Bouncy
Florence of Arabia
The Dirty Bakers Dozen
The Bobbit (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Guess Who's Throwing Up Dinner?
2001 A Spice Oddity
Sleazy Riders
Bitch Casuality and the Slumdance KId
Dirty Larry
The Oddfather Part II
A Crockwork Lemon
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Vest
Snickers Man
The Ring and I (Lord of the Rings the Musical)

You know the old saying if you shovel enough sh!t against the wall some of it will stick

A saying often recited by those with walls covered in sh*t :lesson:
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The Bobbit 1,2,3 I immediately thought of John Bobbit and his two parts :laugh:


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So, Netflix pledge to make one significant bowel movement per week. Is this supposed to be exciting news..(?)


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Their should be giving us what's on the us Netflix without the need of using a vpn, that would be better then this crap offer


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Most of what you can access via Netflix is the same regardless of the region your account is associated with.

They used to be more variations pre 2018, but Netflix have gradually been phasing out regional variations since 2016.

I don't think this used to effect Netflix original/exclusive content anyway?

You'd get more variations relative to services such as Disney+ because of the deals disney has with the likes of SKY ets in variatios regions. Netflix has no deals with third party distributors, but other sources may have deals that effect the distributions of content Netflix sources from outside its own stable?
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