NEWS: Netflix February price rise for UK customers


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That's unfortunate. Hopefully, for me, they don't reverse it.

Are these Turkish or other foreign country gift cards to enable cheaper membership?

If so, if it needs it, perhaps explain how to get it working for others.
Yes sorry. They are Turkish cards. I got mine from here:-

You don't need to be on a VPN to purchase the card. Then you do need to be on a VPN to redeem it. The way I got the redeem to work was open a new private browsing window whilst on a VPN. Login to your Netflix account. Then in a new tab in the InPrivate browsing session go to and redeem the card against your account. Then you are done, you don't need to be on a VPN for anything after that.


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I pay 41.99TL (Turkish Lire) pcm.

That's £4.16 at my time of posting.
Do you need to make sure there is enough balance on your revolut account, or does it go through anyway and then funds automatically transfer from your main bank to cover it? (like PayPal)


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Well the VPN didn't work for me, despite using a VPN to get to Turkey and then using Revolut, it still took the full £13.99 from my old payment method 🤷

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badsimian reported they couldn't get it to work on the previous page as well.

He also posted a workaround by buying Netflix Turkey Gift Cards.

I'm guessing they've figured out how to block it.


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They don't know you're using a VPN but they do know the IP addresses of most the VPNs so they block those. Maybe a DNS service woud work better.

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