NEWS: NAD announces Masters M10 V2 BluOS streamer


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Interesting use of leveraging the BluOS wireless speakers as rear channels. Does this mean we may see future NAD AV receivers using the same tech? T778 V2 incoming maybe?


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That’s a fine looking piece of technological excellence.

If I didn’t already have a Lyngdorf it’d be on my list to need to hear.

The power output is fantastic too.

Hard to imagine what it won’t drive with ease.

Lash out another £100 for the full range Dirac and make it even better.


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That’s why Sevenoaks have a whole bunch of cut price M10 units! I’d be interested to know if the independent sub outputs can be used to route L to one sub and R to the other like in the TDAI-1120.


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Forgive my ignorance here

Can this replace my existing Denon AV receiver ? I’m not bothered by Atmos and DDS would be fine in a 4.1 system although the loss of a centre speaker for speech would concern me. Or is this just a sound only system ? Before reading the article I thought it was also a receiver.

I only use my AV receiver for Netflix and Prime

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