NEWS: LG to mass produce 77-inch OLED panels in 2020


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So... A 48" for the bedroom and a 77" for the lounge. Nice one LG ;)


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Would be nice to get Panasonic on board with the 77” OLED. The current 950 launch prices are great. One year down the road should be even better.


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I was a fairly early adopter of the 7 series and my 65B7 cost me £3,300. I would have loved a 77 then but the cost was just too high. This time around I waited and then bought a 77C8 (last years model) when prices had dropped to a more reasonable £3,600 including a five year warranty. Yes , the 77C9 is probably a marginally better TV but that currently sits at £7,000.
It will be interesting to see what the cheaper TVs will retail at when production gets really going.


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I currently enjoying my LG Oled65e6v but would surely entertain a 77 inch OLED if 3D were reintroduced but we all know the chances of that happening are remote at best.

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