NEWS: LG OLED TVs official Xbox Series X partners

Made for each other? Even with the VRR gamma shift/flicker issue?

Do you have an OLED?
Or XSX out of interest?

The gamme shift issue I've found to be easily fixed temporarily with contrast at 99 or brightness at 49 (altho this causes loss of ETOF tracking).
I don't think its a big issue as I don't need a 100% accurate image for gaming.

The Flicker issue is only ever on a loading screen in my opinion PC gaming and the flicker issue has been present on EVERY VRR sync monitor I've used including AW3418DW, Samsung CRG9,


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What would have been useful is if you bought a 65 inch or above LG TV you got a new Xbox for free. Otherwise yawn.


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Not sure I see any value in this really, it's like saying buy a BMW M140i but you will only get the performance if you put premium Shell in your car. It's only going to encourage consumers easily swung by marketing even though Panasonic and Sony top level screens are superior before/after calibrated.
This is very similar to the days of plasma when Pioneer pushed their 50" plasmas as the best on the market but it was Fujitsu plasmas which were the best panels out there, advertising won more sales for Pioneer but hardcore AV fans purchased the Fujitsu. Exactly the same here.

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